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ARGO TECHNOLOGIES is a company established in 2018. The company has had a steady growth. The working partners have a total field experience of almost 10-15 years in the Educational solution & Test & Measuring Instruments field. The group activities include that of our associated companies in Robotics, Embedded, Internet of things, Automation etc.

Argo Technologies comes in a picture to have Excellence in Modern Technology, Modernization of their existing Experimental Laboratories collaboration with Industry’s people for the training and awareness about the new technologies and Self –reliance by revenue models with their existing infrastructure to grow his organization & Closing the gap between education and industry Entrepreneurs are vital for economic growth. This should be reflected in an education system that teaches entrepreneurial skills.


“We work To Create Today's Engineer Ready for Tomorrows Modern Technology”

We are a group of professionals, committed to excellence through hard work and perseverance. We possess the ability, quality, and drive to rise above the competition. Ours is marketing, consultancy and services set up & we come up with the solution for academic

  1. Centre For Excellence for Robotics – Development of  Basic, Advanced & Industrial  robotics lab

  2. Machine Learning and Deep learning

  3. MIPS – Mini industrial production system with  PLC automation

  4. Internet of things Development lab with all sensors and Real-time Applications

  5. Development of Universal Embedded, VLSI & DSP lab solutions as per industry standards

  6. Test & Measurement lab development

  7. Mechanical Engineering lab Solution


With the Complete establishment of Different lab, we have created revenue models with each lab which not helps to the organization but benefited many students for the development of their practical knowledge and have speed with the knowledge of industry demands product development We also offer an industry-institute partnership for the implementation of technology in learning, lab development, teacher training, student training, and development of curriculum, lesson plan, and customized content and assessment schemes.

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